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Environmental engineering

The scope of work includes:



  • water supply and wastewater networks,
  • heating networks,
  • gas networks,
  • stocktakings of water supply and wastewater systems including the inspection of ducts and pipelines by  means of TVC cameras and evaluation of the technical condition,
  • documentation concerning ordering of waste disposal of cities and districts,
  • designs for renovation of wastewater systems by means of non-excavation methods,
  • sanitary, industrial, and combined wastewater treatment plants,
  • wastewater pumping stations,
  • statements of water management conditions,
  • liquid fuel stations and warehouses,
  • fire water tanks.


Interior systems:

  • water supply and wastewater systems,
  • central heating systems,
  • gas systems,
  • mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems,
  • fire water systems, sprinkler systems and fixed systems utilizing fire extinguishing gases,
  • compressed air systems,
  • fuel systems,
  • gas, oil, coal and electric boiler rooms,
  • heat distribution units,
  • stocktakings of installations,
  • evaluations of technical conditions of systems and equipment,
  • technological documentations.


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